Health Care Policy

Day Care Rules and Regulations

Upon admission to the day care program the child must have:

1. Physical Exam (Yearly)
2. Immunizations (Updated as needed)

Health Care Policy

The following is Kids Unlimited Services, Inc. Health Care Policy regarding the attendance of the children in the Family Day Care Home.

Parents are asked to exercise reasonable judgment about sending a child whom does not appear to be feeling well to a Family Day Care Home.  Please make sure the provider has emergency phone numbers to contact you, the parent, or an emergency person listed in the Child Care Register Packet.  In the event of a child becoming ill at a Day Care Home you would need to pick the child up immediately in order not to contaminate the Day Care Home.

Colds are an exception, however, if the child has a fever, mucus discharge, sneezing or coughing, this appears that the child is really not feeling well.  We would advise that the child be at home during this period.

As far as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, these are signs of a really sick child.  The normal procedure to follow is vomiting once, diarrhea once is acceptable, after that a phone call to pick up the child is necessary.

If the child has a skin rash, please do not send him/her to day care, since this can be the beginning of several childhood illnesses.  Should this occur, please have parent check with physician to be sure it is not contagious and the provider should be notified.  All Parents should be notified of the outbreak of any contagious diseases at the Family Child Care Home and are asked to notify the provider of any contagious diseases that the child has been exposed to outside of daycare.