Transportation Plan

For Those Who Qualify Kids Unlimited Services, Inc. provides transportation as needed from the children’s home to our Family Child Care programs.

At the Family Child Care programs where Kids Unlimited Services, Inc. provides transportation each parent/authorized adult must accompany the child to the bus and must also be present to accompany the child from the drop off location at the end of the day. The bus driver is responsible for the child while in transit.

At the time of enrollment all transported children parents/guardians are asked to complete a written Transportation Permission and Emergency Contact Information form which indicates how  the child will arrive and return home from the Family Child Care home.

Specific Transportation Procedures for Kids Unlimited Services, Inc.:

  • The drivers are to wait at each house for no more than 3 minutes for both pick-up and drop-off.  If parent is not outside within 3 min. the driver will leave and not return on that day. Also if parent is late or does not call or show up for transportation 3 times, Transportation will be cancelled.
  • Please notify Kids Unlimited Services, Inc. when your child is not in need of transportation.
  • Due to traffic, weather conditions, the bus schedules may vary, therefore we ask that you plan for a 15 min. leeway before and after the scheduled time.
  • In a medical emergency the driver will be instructed to go to nearest hospital emergency room.
  • The bus will only pick up and drop off at the designated location. If there is a problem on a specific day that you will be unable to be at that location, then you will need to   make your own transportation arrangements.

*COVID Transportation Plan*

Covid Transportation Plan June 2020